about me:

I make things and I make trouble. I live in Boston and people tend to think I’m taller than I actually am.

You can reach me by sending email to yaysloths at gmail.com. Because yay, sloths!

about this site:

I started this blog in 2002. It’s been through four URLs, three content management systems & one utter and complete loss of all archives. So what you’re seeing here is all the posts I have been able to salvage from internet public archives and old emails and stuff like that. I’ve actually been able to find a lot more than I thought I would, but for the most part I can’t do anything to retrieve the lost comments and THAT sucks, because I have some really funny friends.

Oh, and I never used categories or tags until this new WordPress incarnation, so bear with me while I try to catch up with myself on that front.